we don't follow "green building standards"... We Set them!



When  used wisely, concrete is one of the most environmentally friendly  materials a builder can use. Global Warming Anyone?...recycling trash  and driving hybrid vehicles is not enough. According to the Natural  Resources Defense Council, some 25% of global green house gasses come  from deforestation and changes in land use. That is twice the amount of  emissions produced by vehicles. It's hard to comprehend why  concrete is  not more widely utilized. 

Energy Efficient

The  mass of a concrete building works as a thermal reservoir storing  thermal energy and gradually dissipating it. This process creates a  "radiator" effect that helps protect the building from temperature  fluctuations resulting in lower energy usage thus making concrete  systems among the most energy efficient building systems available. 

Material Recycling

 At  Prida Construction, we embrace the challange of building strong,  environmentally healthy buildings. We Implement tailored recycling  programs and  re-use the waste materials generated on all of our  projects. This is a small example of the techniques we've established.